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Utilizing over a Billion Square Feet of Geomembrane Pond Liner Material. We also Offer Turn Key Installations.

Environmentally safe geomembrane pond liner manufacturer.Our geomembrane liners can be custom fabricated in our factories to just about any size. Liner materials include Reinforced Polyethylene, Reinforced Polypropylene, PVCs, Xr5 and Potable drinking water certificated products. We offer the best prices and service in the industry direct from the Manufacturer. On the left side of our website you can see the wide variety of liner materials available. For an overview please read geomembrane liner selection or please feel free to contact us with your geomembrane liner needs.

We specialize in the production of custom fabricated geomembrane pond linings for all types of applications including very large ponds in all shapes and sizes, canals, temporary construction ponds, manhole linings, waste pits, custom bladders, mining applications, golf course pond water features, recreational facilities, oilfield fuels & waste, concrete embedments, cargo covers, vapor barriers, frac pit liners,frac tank liners,  remediation linings, asbestos abatements, fumigation covers, construction enclosures, silage covers, hay tarps, just to name a few.

Our Specialties

pond liner

Pond Liners

Custom fabricated pond liners can prevent water & other liquids from seeping into the soil. Our custom liners are made from materials that are extremely durable, enabling a large or small area to be lined. Many of our pond liners can withstand extreme UV exposures and other extreme and adverse weather conditions. A large pond liner can most of the time be made in one single piece or if extremely large, panels can be seamed together and installed in the field.

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canal liner

Canal Liners

We specialize in the fabrication of canal liners for all shapes & sizes of large and small canals. Western Environmental Liner has lined many miles of canals, keeping precious water contained. We fabricate canal linings with extremely durable fabrics that can withstand extreme UV exposures. Canal linings can be made in one factory, fabricated in one piece for small jobs or can be fabricated in large panels and installed by us for larger projects.

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Fill out the form below to find out how much containment liner material you need for your containment liner project. Enter the length, width and deepest depth of the proposed area into the fields below. Please reference the diagram on how to take the correct measurements.

If you have an irregularly shaped area, for example a kidney shaped pond please contact us for an estimation of material needed.

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