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Pond Liners can be used for a multitude of applications. They are often used to prevent water loss for projects that are using storage ponds and reservoirs for water containment. Heavy duty liners can also be used to contain oil, waste, or chemicals. Western Environmental Liner has different pond liners available which allow for a wide variety of solutions for containing water or other liquids no matter what the size. A large variety of liner materials for ponds are available. A few of the geomembranes offered include but are not limited to are reinforced polyethylene pond liners, reinforced polypropylene pond liners, EPDM pond liners & PVC pond liners among others.

Western Environmental Liner manufactures liners for all sizes of ponds & lakes. Several acre pond liners can be made in one piece if needed. Many of the materials offered are extremely resilient as well. This enables projects to be efficiently and successfully completed where liquid containment can be a serious concern which often is the case with large recreational ponds or lakes where water loss can be very costly.

Most of Western Environmental Liner's geomembranes can withstand high UV exposure which would destroy many lower quality liner materials. Many of the liners provided will allow for extreme weather conditions such as below freezing and above 100 degree weather for 10 years, and with some liner materials even 20 years or longer. Several of the lake and large recreational liners offered can be installed in almost any location throughout the world. Additional protection can be provided if needed by using an extremely puncture resistant geotextile as well.

Western Environmental Liner is one of the leading fabricators of large pond liners in the world, because of this large discounts are often offered, and in many cases warranty guarantees backed by their 30-year experience in the liner industry.

Western Environmental Liner's team of liner experts are prepared to answer any questions to ensure that the correct pond liner decision is made for each unique application. A high quality pond liner provided by Western Environmental Liner will enable a long lasting leak free solution for any pond or lake containment need.


  • Allows for extreme Temperatures
  • Provides durability & strength
  • Extreme puncture resistance possible
  • NSF & Potable Water Certified
  • Fish safe
  • Environmentally safe
  • Convenient to install


  • 36 mil Reinforced Polypropylene
  • 45 mil Reinforced Polypropylene
  • Aqua 24

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