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PVC Liner Material recommended for landfillsThe combination of chemical resistance and good physical properties has led to PVC usage in numerous industrial applications such as Landfill Liners, Secondary Waste Containment, Lagoons, Effluent Containment Ponds, among others. PVC also works well in water applications.

PVC is resistant to oils, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, waste byproducts, among other corrosive liquids.

PVC has excellent elongation characteristics which allows for stretching if needed or if temperature changes drastically. This helps prevent stress from cracking which may occur with products such as High Density Polyethylene.

PVC is also easily heat welded together which allows for large panel fabrication, reducing the risk of compromised seams and allowing for easy installation. PVC liners  can also be easily rolled & folded for compact shipping.


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PVC 20 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20  years buried
Temporary Construction pond liners , Temporary pond liners , potentially long term pond liners if buried. Landfill liners if Buried
PVC 30 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20  years buried
Long Term Pond Liners buried.
Containment Liners if inside.
Landfill liners . Retention Ponds, Temporary oil containment.
PVC 40 mil Grey 2 years exposed
20  years buried
Buried Pond Liners such as recreational liners or Golf Course Pond Liners, Evaporation Ponds. Retention Ponds, Temporary oil containment.