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Western Environmental Liner is a company that started out in 2002. This was a venture of Western Ag Enterprises Inc. which started providing geomembrane liners for the company's increasing customer base. The company began in 1984 and the main products were shades, covers, and hay tarps. It seemed only natural to move into production of geomembrane liners. Since then, Western Environmental Liner has designed and manufactured a range of such liners for both small and large containment solutions.


The two companies now are instrumental in offering their customers millions of square feet of fabric on a yearly basis. There are factories in Great Bend Kansas, Romulus NY, and Tolleson AZ in order to meet the high demands for this material. There also are distribution and storage facilities as well as service hubs located in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas, Idaho, and Washington.


Wide Array of Options from Western Environmental Liner


Western Environmental Liner recognizes that each customer has its own requirements, in response to which it offers a broad selection of different types of geomembranes and fabrics. Many of the large pond liner materials offered by the company may be made to customer's specifications, including the size. Every liner gets packaged specifically to allow it to arrive at its destination at the greatest cost savings to the customer.


Each of the products are fabricated with the use of state-of-the-art equipment. This includes D-line & Grommet machines and industrial-scale heat and radio-frequency welders. Each gets inspected prior to being shipped.


Installation of Liners


We also offer large pond liner installation. Western Ag and Western Environmental Liner have more than 200 employees who conduct such services in the United States and elsewhere in the world.


Our specialties include customer pond liners that keep water and other types of liquid from getting into the soil, and canal liners for small and large canals. The materials are durable and they withstand extreme weather conditions and UV exposures.


We strive to provide services and products for the utmost customer satisfaction. We do this through reasonable prices, high-quality HDPE liner material and other materials that we use. Reach out to our staff to get matched up with a quality pond liner contractor today.

Our Specialties

pond liner

Pond Liners

Custom fabricated pond liners can prevent water & other liquids from seeping into the soil. Our custom liners are made from materials that are extremely durable, enabling a large or small area to be lined. Many of our pond liners can withstand extreme UV exposures and other extreme and adverse weather conditions. A large pond liner can most of the time be made in one single piece or if extremely large, panels can be seamed together and installed in the field.

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canal liner

Canal Liners

We specialize in the fabrication of canal liners for all shapes & sizes of large and small canals. Western Environmental Liner has lined many miles of canals, keeping precious water contained. We fabricate canal linings with extremely durable fabrics that can withstand extreme UV exposures. Canal linings can be made in one factory, fabricated in one piece for small jobs or can be fabricated in large panels and installed by us for larger projects.

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