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Aqua 24 mil RPEAqua 24 mil RPE

AQUA 24 (24 mil Reinforced Polyethylene Liner)


Aqua 24 mil-RPE-Liners

Aqua 24 is a 24 mil Reinforced Polyethylene specifically constructed to have the strongest physical properties in the industry. Created using only the highest quality resins on the market today, Aqua 24 has excellent tear and puncture resistance and its high quality coating allows for unmatched longevity in its class. With very low permeability, and high hydrostatic resistance, Aqua 24 can withstand some of the most difficult containment applications.


With Aqua 24’s 10 year u.v. & weathering warranty and affordable price, it is one of Western Environmental Liner’s most highly recommended geomembrane liners. 


Highly recommended for pond liners, it is also excellent for applications such as frac pad liners, canal liners, soil remediation and erosion control, landfill covers, and a myriad of other applications. 


To learn more about Aqua 24, and to see if it is the correct choice for your containment needs, contact Western Environmental Liner and one of our liner experts will assist you.


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