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Football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, and other athletic fields not only provide venues for sports and games but in many cases, are also utilized as a fund raising site during games and other events.  With today's technology, athletic fields are better utilizing irrigation and water run off.   Technological advancements have made it possible for these fields to be environmentally friendly by utilizing a storm water management system underneath the field.

Storm water recapture systems underneath playing fields have become popular nowadays. This system consists of layers of turf, sand, geotextile, geomembrane along with pipes in order to successfully recycle and at the same time treat stormwater.  This carefully engineered system not only captures stormwater but at the same time, treats it and stores it so it can be used for irrigation and other water supply needs. 


Western Environmental Liner plays a crucial role in the stormwater recycling systemAmong our niches is also the fabrication of geomembrane and geotextile needed for these kinds of projects. Our Aqua series of reinforced polyethylene (RPE) geomembrane is perfect for this application.RPEis a fairly impermeable membrane that will prevent water seepage into the ground, allowing it to travel smoothly to its destination. With the geomembrane oftentimes buried in this application, our Aqua series of RPE are guaranteed to last well over 20 years. 

Western Environmental Liner likewise manufactures permeable needle punch non-woven geotextile for this application that is perfect for erosion control and water treatment as it filters soil, debris and other chemicals out of the stormwater. Our geotextile comes in several gauges and we can fabricate this in our factory to whatever panel size and shape you need saving you time and money in the installation process.


Western Environmental Liner not only fabricates liners used underneath these playing fields but also fabricates field covers that go above it

We can help you maintain these amenities so that they are fully functional when needed by providing you field covers that are very durable and that come with heavy duty pull handles on all sides for easy deployment and storage.

Whether you need athletic field covers or mound covers, Western Environmental Liner is a great solution to your project.

Our multiple factories located in Tolleson AZ, Romulus NY and Great bend KS along with our service crews all over the country assures you that we will be able to serve you in a reasonable amount of time. For any questions and inquiries call today and one of our liner experts will be happy to assist you.


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