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What Does a Pond Liner Cost?

Tom PerkinsFebruary 8, 2021Containment Liners Geomembranes Ponds & Lakes

Establishing the cost for a large pond liner requires more than simply choosing the cheapest material per square foot. All elements of the project need to be considered, including obviously the size of the pond, but also the use of the pond, longevity expected, slope and depth, whether water is still or moving, and also Read More

Commercial Pond Liners

Dave WrightJanuary 26, 2021Containment Liners Geomembranes Ponds & Lakes

The function of large pond liners for commercial ponds calls for sophisticated liner materials, and this becomes increasingly important the larger the pond and the more exacting the ground conditions. While the small garden fish pond will often turn to the common retail offering of the synthetic rubber EPDM, there are frequently better choices available, Read More

Heavy Duty Pond Liners

Tom PerkinsDecember 11, 2020Containment Liners Geomembranes Ponds & Lakes

The material best suited as a liner for a heavy duty pond project is not obvious unless the entire project is taken into account. Western Environmental Liner supplies Geomembranes that exceed industry standards for tear and puncture resistance and warrants these for as much as 20 years of service life, but we always recommend a Read More

Stormwater Retention Ponds

Dave WrightSeptember 1, 2020Containment Liners Ponds & Lakes

Stormwater retention ponds, or basins, exist to manage runoff water surges and hold them back from flooding or overburdening an area or a waterway system. These ponds can be called either Retention or Detention ponds, depending on the purpose. Often these ponds are systematically fed runoff water from surrounding drainage systems. Detention ponds seek merely Read More

Why Weight and Thickness are Not the Final Specs for Geomembrane Liners

Tom PerkinsApril 10, 2020Geomembranes

  The best advice we can give to anyone contemplating a geomembrane pit or pond liner is to talk to us before writing the final project specifications. This is important because the tests and standards established to measure and specify the characteristics of various geotextiles may not by themselves be adequate to meet the overall Read More

Costs to Consider with Every Pond Liner Project

Dave WrightMarch 11, 2020Geomembranes Ponds & Lakes

  Every pond liner project is potentially unique and should be treated as such. Even though there are commonly accepted standards to use as benchmarks for specifications, we believe a consultation with the supplier or manufacturer up front is the most effective way to specify the correct materials and deployment for the project. Here are Read More

Installation Tips and Pitfalls with Pond Liners

Dave WrightFebruary 13, 2020Containment Liners Ponds & Lakes

  While the engineering specifications for any size and use of a pond can be determined from multiple reference sources, one thing that can’t be established in advance is how well, or how poorly, the installation of the pond liner will go. It’s an industry commonplace that the vast majority of failures of pond liners Read More

Why RPE is Often Better than HDPE for Pond Liners

Dave WrightNovember 11, 2019Containment Liners Geomembranes

  There are many types and purposes of ponds, but the one characteristic in common is that they shouldn’t leak – and that’s down to the pond liner you use. Which type of material is best for your pond project, an RPE or an HDPE liner?   RPE is Reinforced Polyethylene, a woven product, and Read More

How to Find (and Fix) a Pond Leak

Dave WrightDecember 16, 2018Agriculture Ponds & Lakes

  Do you suspect that your pond has a leak in it? Do you see seepage, marshy, or extremely green areas where they weren’t before? You might have a leak in your pond and the sooner you find and fix it, the better. Ponds are typically closed systems, which means there should never be any Read More

3 Things to Do for a Healthy Fish Pond

Tom PerkinsNovember 15, 2018Ponds & Lakes

  If you have a fish pond on your property, maintaining it and keeping it healthy should be a priority, especially for the fish, flora, and fauna that are in it. The entire ecosystem relies on you to maintain its beauty and functionality…and don’t forget about the fishing possibilities! If you are wondering how to Read More

What Fish Should You Stock In Your Farm Pond?

Tom PerkinsOctober 10, 2018Agriculture Ponds & Lakes

  Currently there are more than two million farm ponds in the United States alone. Their popularity has several reasons, including ecological and practical ones. Farm ponds or stock tanks can provide an aquatic environment for many fish, flora, and wildlife in addition to offering a place for farmers and friends to fish for food Read More

What Are Oilfield Secondary Containment Requirements?

Dave WrightOctober 3, 2018Containment Liners

  Oil and gas production is a highly regulated industry and rightly so. Oils spills such as the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 have been known to negatively impact drinking water, cause public health crises, and ravage natural resources and wildlife. How oil and gas is extracted, processed, transported, and stored is extremely Read More

What Is a Vapor Barrier and Why Might You Need One?

Tom PerkinsAugust 1, 2018Vapor Barriers

  In the past vapor barriers were installed frequently in homes and buildings, but they are now less common for a variety of reasons. Back in the 1970s the common thinking was that entire houses or buildings needed a vapor barrier; nowadays research has shown that they are best saved for certain conditions, mostly places Read More

Expert Tips For Pond Liner Installation

Dave WrightJune 28, 2018Ponds & Lakes

  If you are wanting to install a large pond liner, following a few simple steps can make the process much easier. Western Liner provides a complete Pond Liner Installation Guide on their website, which outlines everything you need to know and do in order to install a pond liner.   The most important thing Read More

Should You Hire a Pond Liner Installer or Do It Yourself?

Dave WrightJune 28, 2018Ponds & Lakes

  So, you’ve decided to add a pond to your property and you wonder if you should do it yourself or hire a professional pond liner installer. Before you make this decision, here are some questions to ask yourself:   How large of a pond liner do you want? What will the pond contain? Will Read More

What is a Retention Pond and Why Do Cities Need Them?

Tom PerkinsMay 24, 2018Ponds & Lakes

  Retention ponds are becoming increasingly required when it comes to city planning and development. A wet pond, or retention pond, is simply a basin that catches the water runoff from higher elevation surfaces. They are established to help limit flooding during torrential rainfall, and to help remove the pollutants from the surrounding environment. Retention Read More

What is an Anaerobic Lagoon?

Tom PerkinsApril 30, 2018Agriculture

  Anaerobic lagoons are highly specialized and designed lagoons that are used to hold and process animal waste, particularly that of cows and pigs. The waste from dairies and pig farms (also known as concentrated animal feeding operations or CAFOs) can be highly problematic if not handled correctly. Almost all livestock lagoons are anaerobic now, Read More

What Is a Reserve Pit?

Tom PerkinsMarch 28, 2018Containment Liners

  With 1.7 million oil wells in the United States as of 2015, the oil and gas industry is big business. One aspect of this business is the need for reserve pits to be dug and maintained near each drilling site. Reserve pits are storage pits that are used in oil and gas drilling operations. Read More

What is an Alternative Daily Cover?

Tom PerkinsMarch 20, 2018Landfill

  An alternative daily cover (ADC) refers to the use of a material other than soil as a  daily cover for a landfill. A daily cover is required by federal regulations to improve health and safety around a landfill. While 6 inches of soil are traditionally used for the daily cover, soil cover uses valuable Read More

What Is a Geomembrane and How Are They Used?

Tom PerkinsFebruary 26, 2018Geomembranes

A geomembrane may sound like a medical experiment gone wrong, but its uses and applications are both varied and fascinating. Geomembranes are synthetic membrane liners or barriers used to control fluid migration in a manmade project, structure, or system. They are made from relatively thin continuous polymeric sheets that are sometimes made from the infusion Read More

Why Your Athletic Field Needs an All-Weather Cover

Tom PerkinsFebruary 16, 2018Sports Industry

  PLAY BALL! Did you know how important it is to protect your athletic fields during bad weather? Football, baseball, soccer, even golf courses often require tarps, covers, and liners. This is not only to preserve the field for play, but also to preserve the venue itself for fundraising and other community uses as well. Read More

The Complete Guide To Custom Fish Pond Liners

Tom PerkinsDecember 18, 2017Ponds & Lakes

Why Do You Need a Pond Liner? Pond liners keep water from draining into the soil. They form an impermeable layer between the water and the soil, preventing water loss.   However, a pond liner only works if it’s free of leaks. In practice, a liner can develop leaks for three reasons:   1. Punctures Read More

Saving Water with Dam Liners

Tom PerkinsDecember 10, 2017Ponds & Lakes

  Increasingly, water is a precious resource, not to be wasted. Water storage by use of dams or ponds requires the very best liner materials to prevent leakage from the reservoir into the ground.   Fortunately, today’s geosynthetic and geomembrane materials offer long life for a multitude of different applications. High-quality dam liners made from Read More

Benefits of Athletics Field Liners

Dave WrightJanuary 3, 2017Sports Industry

  Athletic fields for football, soccer, baseball, and other types of sport are not merely venues for sporting activities. They can be used for many other events, too. Hence, they must be properly maintained, and storm water must be efficiently managed underneath these fields.   Having an effective storm water management system does not have Read More

Why PVC Can Be A Good Choice For Landfill Liners

Dave WrightDecember 5, 2016Landfill

  Landfill liners are laid under landfills to minimize or prevent the migration of toxic substances and leachate into nearby rivers and underlying aquifers or for any possibble contamination of the surrounding area. Modern landfills often use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) geomembranes to contain contaminates.   PVC is commonly an alternative to polyethylene geomembranes. When looking Read More

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