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Category Archives: Agriculture

Interesting Facts About Canal Liners

Dave WrightSeptember 19, 2016Agriculture

Seepage is one of the factors that can lead to approximately 30 to 40 percent of irrigation water loss in canals. Applying the right irrigation canal lining should help minimize the impact of seepage. The canal lining is the impermeable layer applied at the sides and at the bed of the canal to boost its Read More

Three Easy Ways to Make Ditch Lining More Efficient

Dave WrightAugust 9, 2016Agriculture

A ditch can be an efficient and versatile system for drainage, or it can be used to aid farmers with irrigation to grow crops. Like canals, ditches must be lined to minimize soil erosion, deter weed growth on the sides, and prevent dirt from destroying and causing the structure to crumble over time. Ditch liners Read More

How Pond Liners Conserve Water:

Shane CarterJanuary 13, 2015Agriculture Ponds & Lakes

With inclement weather and droughts throughout North America, water conservation is more important than ever. Garden ponds, watershed ponds, storage reservoirs, canals, golf courses, lakes, lagoons, and other containment systems need reliable protection from leakage in order to conserve water and protect the surrounding environment. For example, home and business owners that use ponds to Read More

Controlling Water Seepage in Canals with Canal Liners:

Shane CarterJanuary 13, 2015Agriculture

Irrigation canals have been used for centuries to transport water to crops, and this concept has remained largely unchanged since its invention, save for the added technologies of waterwheels and hydraulics. Traditionally, canals used to transport water to where it is needed were lined with concrete or compacted earth. While earthen canals are relatively inexpensive Read More

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