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What Are Oilfield Secondary Containment Requirements?

Shane CarterOctober 3, 2018Containment Liners

  Oil and gas production are a highly regulated industry and rightly so. Oils spills such as the devastating Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989 have been known to negatively impact drinking water, cause public health crises, and ravage natural resources and wildlife. How oil and gas is extracted, processed, transported, and stored is extremely Read More

What Is a Reserve Pit?

Tom PerkinsMarch 28, 2018Containment Liners

  With 1.7 million oil wells in the United States as of 2015, the oil and gas industry is big business. One aspect of this business is the need for reserve pits to be dug and maintained near each drilling site. Reserve pits are storage pits that are used in oil and gas drilling operations. Read More

Pit Liners – Why You Should Use Them

Dave WrightNovember 16, 2016Containment Liners

  Waste products and any critical contaminant are most often toxic to the soil and groundwater, so they must be contained at all costs. Using pit liners is one of the ways to contain most kinds of byproducts and waste.   They can also be used for containing water in energy industries like gas, fracking, Read More

As Budgets Tighten, More People Are Using Affordable Geomembrane Containment Liners

Shane CarterApril 30, 2015Containment Liners Geomembranes

  Although containment options such as concrete and coatings can be a good choice when money is no object, often this isn’t the case. Increasingly due to budget constraints the amount of area that is lined is based on the cost of the materials used.With budgets tight, more companies and government entities are doing what Read More

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