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What is an Alternative Daily Cover?

Tom PerkinsMarch 20, 2018Landfill

  An alternative daily cover (ADC) refers to the use of a material other than soil as a  daily cover for a landfill. A daily cover is required by federal regulations to improve health and safety around a landfill. While 6 inches of soil are traditionally used for the daily cover, soil cover uses valuable Read More

Why PVC Can Be A Good Choice For Landfill Liners

Dave WrightDecember 5, 2016Landfill

  Landfill liners are laid under landfills to minimize or prevent the migration of toxic substances and leachate into nearby rivers and underlying aquifers or for any possibble contamination of the surrounding area. Modern landfills often use Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) geomembranes to contain contaminates.   PVC is commonly an alternative to polyethylene geomembranes. When looking Read More

The Right Landfill Liner Is Essential for Your Success – Read This to Find Out Why

Dave WrightOctober 3, 2016Landfill

  An appropriate geomembrane liner will allow a landfill to safely and securely handle waste. Landfills are essential to proper waste management, so they are carefully engineered and built to effectively handle and keep waste. Landfill liners are specially designed and crafted for that purpose to avoid certain liquids from garbage and waste from seeping Read More

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