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The Complete Guide To Custom Fish Pond Liners

Tom PerkinsDecember 18, 2017Ponds & Lakes

Why Do You Need a Pond Liner? Pond liners keep water from draining into the soil. They form an impermeable layer between the water and the soil, preventing water loss.   However, a pond liner only works if it’s free of leaks. In practice, a liner can develop leaks for three reasons:   1. Punctures Read More

Saving Water with Dam Liners

Tom PerkinsDecember 10, 2017Ponds & Lakes

  Increasingly, water is a precious resource, not to be wasted. Water storage by use of dams or ponds requires the very best liner materials to prevent leakage from the reservoir into the ground.   Fortunately, today’s geosynthetic and geomembrane materials offer long life for a multitude of different applications. High-quality dam liners made from Read More

Lake Liners: Think Big When Planning Water Features

Dave WrightSeptember 6, 2016Ponds & Lakes

Water containment can be challenging when it comes to a body of water that is several acres in size such as lakes. For this reason, there are specially crafted lake liners that can help prevent water loss. High-quality liners can be an efficient and cost-effective way to preserve and contain water in your lake. These Read More

Getting The Best Pond Liner Installation Instructions Online

Dave WrightAugust 22, 2016Ponds & Lakes

Installing a pond liner is a cost-effective way to prevent water loss in the long run. High-quality pond liners that are made of reinforced polyethylene and other durable materials can last for more than 20 years even when constantly exposed to UV rays—and their longevity is even better when they are buried. Proper installation is Read More

How Pond Liners Conserve Water:

Shane CarterJanuary 13, 2015Agriculture Ponds & Lakes

With inclement weather and droughts throughout North America, water conservation is more important than ever. Garden ponds, watershed ponds, storage reservoirs, canals, golf courses, lakes, lagoons, and other containment systems need reliable protection from leakage in order to conserve water and protect the surrounding environment. For example, home and business owners that use ponds to Read More

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