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Factory Preformed Liners Give You The Most Bang For Your Buck

Tom PerkinsApril 30, 2016Geomembranes


Most of the strongest and cost effective geomembrane liner materials are welded together in a Factory. The liner materials generally come in 12’ or less. These sizes will not allow for larger size ponds or other containments to be lined without the assistance of a factory. These preformed pond liner materials are meant to be melted using specially calibrated equipment in a factory setting by experienced geomembrane fabricators.


There are a lot more companies selling liners that are not prefabricated. Why is that? The expense of setting up a factory can be very high and requires many employees to be successful. Due to this fact, most companies try to find a way to sell geomembrane liners without the factory involved. This can work okay with very small liners, but as the geomembrane requirements become larger, the cost associated with non-preformed liner material goes up. This is because often glue and tape are used, or expensive installation crews are needed to install each individual piece in the field. This also restricts these types of pond liner sellers from offering many of the high quality reinforced liner material available today.


The customer may have to search harder to find factory preformed liner materials since there are only a handful of these types of companies throughout the country. The search will be well worth it though with more cost effective and higher quality options available.

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