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Landfill Daily CoversLandfill Daily Covers

Landfill Daily Covers



Daily cover for landfills can be crucial to the health and safety of the environment and in many instances is mandated by law. The most adaptable solution for landfill capping is the reusable tarp, also called a rain cover or simply a cap cover.


  • Landfill cap covers offer the great benefit of reusability, for measurable cost savings.
  • They offer straightforward installation, by hand or by equipment or a combination of both.
  • They add no additional layer of uneconomic material to the waste, preserving the usable life of the landfill.
  • Adding no compression or sealing, they allow the freest movement of generated gases through the waste, for greater potential generation of energy.
  • They similarly add no inhibition of leachate moving through the waste mass to the collection layer as intended.


Western Environmental Liner provides large landfill covers in one piece. We are a manufacturer, and our factories can quickly and easily custom-create a landfill cover to your specific requirements.


For landfill daily covers we commonly recommend our high quality Aqua series of Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE). We are one of the largest providers of RPE in the world, and our Aqua series line offers excellent tear resistance and makes for an excellent tarp or cover.


CONTACT US. Use a landfill cover manufacturer for your landfill management requirements, for custom-created tarps and the best materials options for you.    

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