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Vapor barrier liner materials are liner materials that are used to resist the diffusion of moisture through ceiling, wall, and floor structures that are found in houses, buildings, crawl spaces, & other industrial structures such as underslab foundations. 


Vapor barriers sometimes known as well as vapor retarders, can be essential in preventing problems such as mold, mildew & fungus that can break down structures over time and can cause serious health related issues as well. A barrier is an essential part of the moisture control strategy for a home or building. The main purpose of a barrier is to prevent the passage of the water vapor that is contained in the air.


Western Environmental Liner's Vapor Barriers are of the highest quality. Our most popular Vapor Stop series comes in 12 mil & 15 mil Reinforced Polyethylene liners and are both mold & mildew resistant. Thicker material versions are provided upon request but are not necessary for most barrier applications. Vapor Stop is much stronger than the standard vapor barrier being much more difficult to damage during installation due to its strong reinforcement qualities. Vapor Stop allows less vapor transmission than most of the other leading brands, yet is often much more affordable.


Western Environmental Liner also has the ability to heat seam Vapor Stop together to allow for less installation work in the field. We can also provide moisture preventing tape to ensure the proper impediment of any vapor transmissions.


All of our vapor barriers meet and exceed ASTM E-1745 Class A, B & C requirements.

Vapor Stop has been used in operations ranging from smaller residential homes to very large underslab construction jobs throughout the world. Please don't hesitate to contact  a 30 + old  vapor barrier liner manufacturer for your vapor barrier liner material needs.



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